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Eugene Ahtirski Law is a full service law firm focused to practice as a Structured Settlement Attorney, Representing clients Selling Structured Settlements, Transferring Structured Settlements, and Buying Structured Settlements.

People decide to sell future payments to a structured settlement annuity buyer or buyer of future payments for many different reasons. Some plaintiffs decide to settle out of court with a structured settlement, always intending to sell their payments for a big, cash payment. Plaintiffs who always intend to sell their settlements differ from those who agree to a structured settlement to replace lost income and who later sell part of their settlement to meet sudden financial demands.

When You Sell a Structured Settlement You Are Parting With a Source
of Future Income

You should take great care to ensure the buyer’s offer sufficiently replaces the funds from your settlement. Take your time before making a sale. Compare the offers of several companies. Comparing multiple offers is the best way to determine whether you are receiving a good offer.